jujube tree leafing out, sapote in the background

One of the simple pleasures of Spring is seeing the fruit trees go from barren to leafy. Here’re two pretty uninspired photos of early leafing out. Both photos were taken Sunday March 13th 2011. I like to date stuff on this blog, because, in future years, it can help me look up what was happening when in the past. Above is the jujube tree planted in January 2009. I think the tree got a little stressed the first year… it’s never thrived, never fruited, but it’s certainly alive. I am hoping it gets its bearing and gets going soon. I noticed its tiny leafing out about a month ago… and this past week, it’s taking off nicely.

Below is the persimmon tree along the alley – which was transplanted 3-4 years ago. It fruits a lot… but it’s along a heavy pedestrian traffic alley… which means most of the fruit gets picked before I get a chance. The new leaves really shoot out – a bright light-yellow-green surprise! Both of these trees leaf a bit later than other fruit trees (for examples: peach, apricot, etc.) with the persimmon later than the jujube.

bright yellow-green persimmon leaves that it seems like weren't there a week ago