The gardeners at the Los Angeles Eco-Village decided to get together and create an online resource for ourselves, for prospective gardeners, and for anyone who might be interested in what it is happening in our garden spaces. This is it!

7 Responses to “About”

  1. Lara Morrison Says:

    The migration of the pots. Dale has helped me move the smaller pots that had annuals in them to the area around the chicken enclosure. Now that the large tree is gone this area is much sunnier. It will be easier for me to keep the pots watered and the pots help shade the chickens from the heat of the sun. Planted in the pots are chard, basil, onions, cilantro, and flowers. I’m hoping to feed the chard to the chickens. The basil will produce more than I can use, so please harvest it. Tomatoes, zukes and other squashes will be available to pick in a few weeks. Enjoy.

  2. Denyse Serre Says:

    I am interested in linking blogs.Your website
    has alot of my same interests.

  3. Traci Says:

    Hi My name is Traci. I’d like to get in touch with Joe. Where may I email him?


    1. Joe Linton Says:

      Email me at linton [dot] joe [at] gmail [dot] com

  4. liz Says:

    do you know where i could buy a tumbling composter here in l.a.?
    don’t want to wait for shipping…buy local….

    1. Joe Linton Says:

      I don’t know… The city of L.A. composting center in Griffith Park used to give out free and subsidized composters (but don’t recall any of them being tumbling kind.) You could check with their contact:

  5. Eduarda Says:

    I´m going to visit LA, and I´m student on environmental science.
    Is there any possibility for me to visit you?
    Just let me know writing inforamtion to
    Thank you! Thank you!

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