June 2008

Two shifts to choose from for exercising your matriotic, Gaia-loving, outdoors-embracing, sun (not heat)-worshipping tendencies!!

8am-noon fruits and other snacks will be served

5pm-7pm happy hour cocktails and snacks

We will be weeding the West courtyard and planting our summer crops and spreading mulch all over the place.

Bring a cup and a wide-brimmed hat. Maybe a water gun, if you have one. Invite friends.


The Garden Committee

Does anyone know what tree this is – cell phone pictures attached? It’s in the front, along the fence, adjacent to my garden. It’s fairly new – I think it has only been there around 3-5 years – perhaps a volunteer – though now it’s as tall as the fence. It’s got a lot of whitefly… which I think is helping spread whitefly into my garden… so I am thinking about taking the tree out… but I wanted to run it past folks. If anyone knows what it is, feels strongly about it, or has any recommendations for the whitefly – let me know.

(I have some images from my cellphone… but I am over 40 years old, so I am having difficulty getting them uploaded to the site here… will try to get assistance.)

a couple of pictures to greet the Gardener’s blog into existence. these are my first tries at this technique called panography (nice tutorial here). i looks kinda like David Hockney’s work except he doesn’t use software so his stuff doesn’t have the transparency look (his is more painterly i’d say). i have found out that gardens are quite difficult subjects. and buildings, with their propensity for straight lines, are a little more forgiving . here is Joe’s beautiful garden in accidental-psychedelic-fashion:
joes garden panography

and here are the Buildings:

click on the images to see a larger version.

Our seedling nursery!

This is the first post in the LA Eco-Village Garden blog.

Appropriately, it begins with a photograph of our seedling nursery!

The gardens are in bloom, the vines and trees are heavy with fruit, and the gardeners are busy planting and harvesting! May this blog be the place to keep each other updated on our projects!