Today, I worked on a new terraced bed below the guyaba tree. It’s a mostly shady spot, where I haven’t gardened for a season or two. I used to garden there more; it’s actually the area where my former girlfriend Michelle and I first started pulling up lawn to create the garden. The new terrace is next to the fence between the eco-village buildings – so it’s next to an untended (weedy) corner of the yard of the other eco-village building. It’s an edge of the garden where I don’t spend too much time, so it accumulates things like trimmings and it gets weedy – mostly overgrown with nasturtium. I guess that’s not really weedy – can do a lot worse than nasturtium – but they do gradually spread out and take over everything if you let them.

The spot also suffers some compaction from folks walking in it when they’re harvesting guyaba in October through January – so now’s the time to garden there, when the tree isn’t yielding any fruit.

The area already had a somewhat wimpy terrace  – shown on the last photo at the bottom of this post. Here’s a shot in progress today:

Shady terrace bed half-built

And here’s the more-or-less finished project:

I plan to add a second terrace level about halfway through the bed. I will probably plant some beans/peas/cucumbers that will climb the fence. I am also hoping that by putting quite a few large chunks of urbanite, folks will have a place to stand while picking guyaba, so they’ll tromp through the garden a bit less… we’ll see.