Map Guide to Water Harvesting at Los Angeles Eco-Village, 2008 - written and drawn by me, Joe Linton - click for larger image, link below for pdf of full booklet

Here’s a slightly out of date, but still mostly ok, map/guide to some water harvesting features at Los Angeles Eco-Village. This is part of an 8-page booklet (pdf) I made for the Landscape Rainwater Harvesting workshop where we started building las trincheras. The booklet owes a great deal to lessons I’ve learned from Brad Lancaster’s Rainwater Harvesting books.

Note that, for now, eco-village only does pretty much passive water harvesting – ie: creating landscapes where the water soaks into the ground… not yet rainwater harvesting for later use, such as in cisterns, rain barrels, etc. We’ll get to those soon, I hope.