LA Eco-Village gardeners cast rock dust and clover seeds this weekend with the goal of beginning our first (in recent history) layer of green manure.

Interstitial spaces will be filled with clover, which is a legume that will fix nitrogen in the soil as it aerates and maintains the moisture in the soil. Having a layer of this green manure is like having ten other gardeners with you. When you go out to plant, instead of preparing dry, deficient soil for the seedlings or seeds, all you need to do is pull up some clover and the soil beneath it will be perfect for planting.

While we were working, we came across a green lynx spider protecting her egg case

Green lynx in amaranth

Green lynx in amaranth

The okra is looking good

And the newest of the giant squashes found a smart place to hang: right on top of two wrought-iron posts from the fence below it. I’m not sure if that is helping it or hurting it, actually . . .